Treatments - Dentures

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Dentures (False teeth or prosthesis) are dental restorations that are custom made to replace missing teeth and gums after tooth removal.

A partial denture is one of the options available after extraction of a single tooth or teeth to replace and restore missing tooth / teeth and gums in dental arch.

Partial denture is mostly made of plastic that is just placed on top of gums and around remaining teeth covering most of the area of the arch and palate if upper denture. It is possible to have biocompatible metal denture base used instead they are made individually with insertion path to help retain denture in place around remaining teeth covering considerably less of the gums and palate (if upper). Good fitting denture with complete biting teeth surface will help patient with mastication and will increase their dietary abilities. Better appearance and more secure denture will improve patient lifestyle and their competence in socialising.

Full / total denture is custom made to replace all teeth and gums in a single jaw. It is advisable to have dentures made as a pair, at the same time, if patient have teeth missing in both jaws.

Clinical dental technician is a professional who is highly qualified to make total / full dentures to the public directly and partial dentures by dentist recommendation. She will assess your old set and carefully listen to your opinion and possible problems. We will then make try in stage of dentures for you to see and talk with them before finish them. We will encourage your input and make best use of existing area of your mouth to support your dentures. Clinical dental technician will see you minimum three times or as many as necessary.

Immediate denture
There are several advantages of an immediate denture. The most important factor is that you will never need to appear in public without teeth. It is also easier to duplicate the shape, colour and arrangement of your natural teeth while some are still present in your mouth.

Soft Liner:
Sometimes a more definitive soft liner for a denture can be used for longer term care. Soft liners are a tougher and more resilient material than a tissue conditioner. However, soft liners will collect more bacteria and fungi than a normal denture so these are recommended to be changed on regular basis from about 18 months to 3 years.

Hard Liner:
The hard liner is basically the same as the original processed hard acrylic plastic the denture was originally made from.

The laboratory processed hard liner is preferred for many reasons, but mainly because the liners perform like the original denture materials over time.

How long will my new dentures take?
New dentures require between 3 and 6 appointments. If you have a special date that you are working towards we will do our best to accommodate this.

Can you make my new dentures look the same as my old ones?
If you are happy with the appearance of your current dentures we can match the colour, size and shape of the teeth for you as well as the shape of the denture itself. Whatever it is that you like or dislike about your current denture we can take this into consideration when making your new denture.

Can I come straight to you or do I need to see my dentist first?
You can come straight to see us. If you have some natural teeth left we will book you in an extra appointment to see our in house dentist. He will carry out an oral examination and if he thinks that you need some dental treatment before you continue with your new denture he will advise you to go and see your regular dentist first.

Do I need an appointment?
If you have a denture that needs repairing (i.e. you have all of the broken parts) then you don’t need to book an appointment. If there is another service you require then you would need to book an appointment. This can be done either by phone or on site.

I’ve had some teeth extracted can you add them to my existing denture?
If you have lost some teeth either due to them falling out on their own or your dentist extracting them for you we can usually add to your existing denture. You can book in as soon as the area is no longer sore to the touch. It is a service we carry out the same day. You would need to book an appointment to come in for an impression. You would then be without your denture for roughly three hours while we add the tooth/teeth onto your denture. You would then need to come back again later the same day to have the denture fitted and check that the new tooth/teeth are comfortable.

Where can I park?
We have enough space on our driveway for three cars. There is also a council pay and display car park less than 50m from us.

Are you easily accessible?
We are situated on the ground floor so are very accessible.

Can you come to me?
If you are unable to come to us home visits can be arranged. Call us on 01394 274121 to discuss this option.

How long do dentures last?
Dentures are made to be durable items, and have a long lifespan over several years. Correct care of your dentures will help keep them in good condition, such as thorough cleaning to remove plaque build-up. However some shrinkage or shape change may occur to the dentures as well as our own mouths changing in shape over time. When a denture becomes damaged, or uncomfortable you will need to visit your dentist or clinical dental technician for a check for adjustments or possibly a new pair of dentures.