Services - Dentures

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In the western world alone it is estimated more than 40 million people are fully edentulous and there are several hundred millions people missing one or more teeth.

Completely edentulous jaws are a much more widespread handicap than most of us realize.

In solving the problem of full dentures the major barrier is perceived complexity, stagnate technology and high cost of treatment.

Dentures often don't support the optimum bite placement for the face and so the face appears collapsed and sunken with deep lines on the lips and around the mouth. This skinny look makes us look older than we should and this can have a very negative affect on our self-esteem, as well as our physical and mental health.

Bad, ill-fitting dentures make chewing difficult and we may not get the nutrition we need as the food we choose will be comfortable but not necessarily good. If false teeth fit well there is no need for excessive use of adhesive that is a nuisance and may cause a small reaction with the gums.

We pride ourselves in putting the patient first and offering bespoke dentures personalised to your requirements using our knowledge and skills. At every stage we explain exactly what we are trying to achieve, offering you every option from a clinical and technical aspect by using pictures and models.

The benefits of good dentures are:

  • Natural looking gender orientated tooth shapes and colors that compliment your age and personality
  • Facial muscles appear more taught, sunken features appear plumper
  • Teeth are positioned for improved appearance and added facial volume
  • Perfect replication of gum contour and colours
  • Biocompatible durable teeth and denture materials
  • High impact moulded denture bases for the best fit possible

Come and talk to us about what the best option will be for you.